Tours in Georgia



1 day
min 2 persons
Arabic, English, Russian

Breaking the Guinness World Record as being the oldest wine-making country in the world, Georgia, but in particular Adjara can boast with some of its historically distinguished vine species on earth. Despite of being Geographically small, Adjara has more than 80 varieties of vines formed and created in the region. Most of them (36-40 breeds) are even cultivated from wild forests, ravines and canals - prove that vine is an unconditional part of Georgian nature. Apart from its nutritious qualities, wine is a symbol of local spirit, traditions and identity. During this tour, you will be introduced to the legendary winemaking process, wine degustation and basic food and wine pairing principles originated in this region.

  • Hotel
  • K. Turmanidze Ethnographic Museum
  • Natural Reserve TBD
  • Guesthouse Marani
  • Adjarian Wine House

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