Kobuleti Protected Area

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Kobuleti Protected Areas is an important habitat for migrating, nesting and wintering water bird species.

Mtirala National Park

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The Administrative building is located in Chaqvi, while visitors center in village Chaqvistavi, which is 15 km away from administrative center.

National Park of Machakhela

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Kintrishi Protected Areas

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Kintrishi Protected Areas is located in Adjara Autonomous Republic (Kobuleti Municipality) with a total area of 13,893 ha

Diversity of nature

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All parts of Georgia are interesting, but Adjara is place with the sea, the mountains, interesting traditions and a lot of other reasons why you should visit this region.


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Batumi is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations on the Black Sea.

About Georgia

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Among the spectacular peaks of the Caucasus, the Black Sea coast is located a country called - Georgia.

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Batumi, Georgia

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